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Top rated video baby monitors 2013

There were many reviews published in the past that have given valuable words of wisdom on how to find the most popular video baby monitors that can be taken into account when looking for such product. There were many sources identified. The most common would perhaps be online sellers who offer cheap prices for video baby monitors. Wherever you look, one thing that is important for you to do is to see the most popular models and those that have been given positive feedbacks. In this case, one of the models that have been given favorable ratings by its users is the Philips AVENT digital video baby monitor, which will be discussed further in the rest of this article.

The best video baby monitors 2013 include this model from Philips because of high resolution images. According to the parents, they are always given peace of mind because they can see clearly all the things that are happening inside the room of their child. The 2.4-inch screen of the parent unit provides them with ample space in order to monitor their baby. To add, the camera that is installed in the room has the ability to swivel, which means that it can capture the movements of the baby at various angles.

This baby video monitor does not only deliver high resolution in good light. In fact, many have been satisfied when it is used in poor lighting conditions, such as during the night. This is because of the infrared night vision of the product. This gives users the opportunity to monitor their child even at night.

To add, another reason on why it has often been included in the top rated video baby monitors 2013 is because it is excellent in both in terms of privacy and reliability. It gives 100% assurance that the connection is secured and free from interference, which assures that the images will be received in real time. Even at a distance of 492 feet, there is no lag in the transmission of images to the parent unit.

The unit also comes with three pre-installed lullabies that can help in being able to easily put your baby into sleep. This means that even if you are away, you baby will not feel being very far from you since there is a soothing lullaby that can make them relaxed. To add, it also comes with a nightlight in order to provide a tranquil brightness inside the room.

Parents who have used this video baby monitor in the past have revealed that it is an option that has been satisfying. Hence, this can serve as a proof to the high quality of this product and can give you a guarantee that choosing such is a decision that you will not regret making. 

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