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Best video baby monitors 2013

The aid of technology has been brought to every field possible. Now it can even help you keep an eye on your child even if you are not in the room and make your nights easier so you don`t have to check on your infant too often, risking to disturb his sleep as well. How to find the most popular video baby monitors is simple if you just look through the numerous reviews available online, being just one click away. A good way to go might be the Samsung SEW-3036WN Wireless Video Baby Monitor which can aid you in this regard.

Its first impressive feature is the size of the monitor, which surpasses most of its rivals. The 3.5” high quality color LCD display allows you to have a crystal clear video stream from your baby`s room. The connection between the camera and the monitor is made by a 2.4 GHz signal, used for wireless internet connections as well. And don`t worry nothing can interrupt your signal, not even wireless routers or cordless phones. It also gives you great mobility and range. You will be able to go 800ft from where you set the camera. During the night to keep an eye on how your little one is sleeping is not a problem because the powerful camera is equipped with night vision. You can get the Samsung SEW-3036WN from 190$ to 230$, pretty cheap prices for video baby monitors which offer these many nice features.

No complications appear when you try to set it up or try to use it, with a very simple and intuitive menu. Another great feature is the sound, which can travel both ways, you can hear when your baby is moving around or making noise and at the same time you can talk to him and make him smile or comfort him. The monitor uses a reliable rechargeable battery which gives it great mobility for a long time. There is a clip belt too, to make it very easy to carry around. Its customers have concluded that the Samsung SEW-3036WN is one of the best video baby monitors 2013 because it offers so many advantages.

As bonus features the LCD display can show you the time as well and the monitor has 5 LED lights which indicate the level of noise in the child`s room. The monitor is energy efficient too, being able to automatically go in Standby Mode if there is no loud noise coming from where the baby is sleeping. You can even have 4 cameras connected at the same time to this wonderful multi-purpose monitor. It is no mistery why the Samsung SEW-3036WN is one of the top rated video baby monitors 2013 and pleases so many parents through his superb characteristics.